Post Massage Care

We care about your long-term healing, health and wellness. To ensure that you are able to continue the benefits of the massage you received, we offer the following suggestions:

All Massage Types: Typically a Swedish or relaxation massage is performed with very gentle pressure, so you should not experience any discomfort, however, all types of massage move a lot of fluid through your body.  Therefore, suggestions for relaxation post-treatment include meditation to maintain that calm and relaxed feeling, Epsom salt baths to reduce any inflammation, hydration (drinking plenty of fresh water) to flush your body, and application of ice if you do experience any discomfort.

Deep Tissue: Since this type of treatment is very intense, and is designed to physically work out muscle knots/tension, reduce inflammation, and re-educate your muscles to release tension, typically you will be very sore for the first few days after treatment.  Rest assured that this is very normal.  For the first 2 days afterward, apply ice to the sore areas, be sure to rest adequately, stretch as demonstrated, foam roll if desired, hydrate well (drinking plenty of fresh water) to flush your body, and take Epsom salt baths to reduce inflammation.  After the first 2 days, switch to “contrast” therapy which includes applying ice for 15 minutes, then moist heat for 15 minutes, and back to ice.  Alternate ice and moist heat as often as you wish.  When you use heat, please remember to use “moist” heat rather than dry heat, as moist heat reduces inflammation.

Cupping: Nominal bruising/redness is normal at the treatment site, along with soreness.  Apply ice as needed on the treatment site, take Epsom salt baths, and hydrate well (drink plenty of fresh water). Skin should gradually return to normal in a few days, although intense cupping can cause bruising to remain a bit longer.

Kinesiotape: The purpose of Kinesiotape is to anchor the top layer of tissue in place, creating friction with the underlayers of tissue.  This is very valuable in continuing to assist your muscles with eliminating inflammation.  Generally, the tape stays on 3 to 5 days.  You can shower normally, simply pat the tape dry.  You can apply ice and cooling/sports rub directly on top of the tape.  Should the edges of the tape begin to lift, you can trim them (carefully!) to extend the life of the tape.  Should you feel a slight irritation on your skin after a few days, you can gently remove the tape.  There is no latex in Kinesiotape, so no need to worry about latex allergies.

Please feel free to call if questions arise about your therapy or aftercare.  We are always available to assist you.

Don’t forget to stretch!

Pectoralis Muscle Stretch

Quad Stretches

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